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There are over 700 companies in the UK who will take away your old IT equipment but do you know where it has gone and that they have dealt with the data erasure correctly? The best security of your data is to erase it when it is in your posession. You can see what happens and know that after sucessful erasure there is no risk left for you.

The disposal of old IT assets is often an inconvenience to the IT department at the end of a refresh project and the attention paid to the erasure of important data is left in the hands of the IT asset disposal company who collect the equipment from you and need to clean it and sell it on as quickly as possible to be able to cover their costs. Thus can result in even the best in the business missing the erasure of important data and exposing your business to release of data outside of it's intended environment, fines by the ICO and bad press

We are experts in data erasure and will give you the confidence that whoever you use to dispose of your old equipment there is absolutely no data left when it leaves your posession.

Our engineers attend your site with our own equipement and will work with you to ensure all your data is erased to CESG standard and methedology. At the end of the erasure process you will receive a report detailing what has been erased and a certificate of erasure.

We offer the same service wether you are an individual with one device, a small business with a few or a large business with many.

We can erase data from any type of device even those commonly ignored by many IT asset disposal (ITAD) companies.

Data on devices can be anything from your credit card details, contacts, emails, pictures, customer details, proprietary information etc.

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