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On-Site Certified Computer and Mobile Device Data Erasure

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Is your Data Safe?


Are you concerned about data security?


Secure Certified Data Destruction

One of the greatest concerns that should be addressed by individuals and businesses when disposing of any redundant IT equipment is the removal and destruction of personal and/or sensitive data contained within them.

As data leaks and identity fraud attacks become more widespread and more sophisticated, it is imperative that individuals and businesses ensure that secure data destruction processes are in place prior to the disposal and recycling of computers, laptops and other obsolete IT equipment.

We use the latest CESG approved overwriting software that exceeds all UK and International standards and allows us to overwrite our customer's hard drives without the necessity to destroy the device thereby reducing its value.

On-site erasure eliminates the risk of any data being lost in transit to an asset disposal company or data not being erased properly by the disposal company.

Data Erasure by Experts

Our team of highly skilled engineers have years of experience in data erasure and IT systems.

We are experts in data erasure and can provide you with the confidence that we work to the highest industry standards that exceed the current best practice for handling data carrying assets .

We take data wiping extremely seriously and understand how the erasure of your data is critical to your end of life IT asset disposal process.

We are not an IT Asset Disposal Company, we concentrate on the erasure of data as this is the most important part of the whole disposal process.

We do however work with partners who can help you with the disposal process once you are happy that there is no data risk to you.



    Why use us?

    There are over 700 companies in the UK who will take away your old IT but do you know where it has gone and that they have dealt with it correctly. The best security of your data is to erase it when it is in your posession. You can see what happens and know that after sucessful erasure there is no risk left for you.

    We can help you with this process.

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    Certified Data Erasure

    Data erasure involves the permanent removal of data from any data holding IT assets. By using Certified software, we can ensure that any data erased cannot be recovered using any existing technology.

    A certificate of erasure is provided for each device.

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    Many devices now contain storage technology which holds data. Wether it's a desktop, server, smart or super phone, tablet or phablet, or any other devices, it is your responsibility to ensure data is removed before disposal.

    See how we can help you through this process and give you confidence that data has been erased.

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    Data Protection

    The ICO can issue fines of up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the Data Protection Act and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. Whether you are an individual, a small or large business it is critical that you deal with data on end of life products in a controlled way.

    We can help you with this process. 

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