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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, What is required to perform a data erasure?
  2. Question 2, What do I get at the end of the erasure?
  3. Question 3, How long does an erasure take?
  4. Question 4, How should I dispose of my equipment after erasure?.
  5. Question 5, What happens if the erasure fails?
  6. Question 6, What do you use to perform the erasure?
  7. Question 7, Why should I use your services rather than do it myself?
  8. Question 8, Can you help me with other IT problems?
  9. Question 9, How much does it cost?.

Answer 1:

To conduct a data erasure we require a secure area which is large enough for our technician to work in and an electricity supply. Nothing else.

Answer 2:

At the end of the erasure process we will give you a report showing what equipment we have processed and an erasure certificate for each device showing you that it has been performed sucessfully.

Answer 3:

The time taken to perform an erasure depends on several factors but mainly on the size of the hard disk being wiped. For example a 80Gb SATA Hard disk erasured using a single wipe will normally take approximately half an hour and a 250Gb SATA approximately 1 hour 25 minutes. See this pdf for other erasure times.

Answer 4:

Once the data has been erased from a device, if it works it can be safely disposed of  through a charity donation or by donating it to a family member or any other person safe in the knowledge that there is no risk of data falling into the wrong hands. If the device does not work then it must be disposed of as WEEE using any company who are approved by the environment agency (T11 Exemption) or as a private household individual through your local authority waste site (or Designated Collection Facility). We also partner with other disposal companies and can quote on disposing of equipment for you.

Answer 5:

If the erasure is not 100% effective then it is considered a failure and the disk cannot be guaranteed to be devoid of all data. In this case the disc is subject to mechanical destruction to ensure any remaining data cannot be accessed. The report and certificate issued will document the final outcome of the process.

Answer 6:

We use Tabernus data erasure software which is a CESG (Communications Electronics Security Group) approved product. CESG protects the vital interests of the UK by providing policy and assistance on the security of communications and electronic data. Tabernus is also approved by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), DIPCOG (The Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group UK), Norwegian National Security Authority, & The USA Department of Defense.

We do not use any free software which is available on the internet as this does not give any form of assurity that the data was wiped correctly and does not certify this sucess.

Answer 7:

We are experts in data erasure and have over 30 years experience in IT support. It is possible for someone with IT knowledge to do data erasure but like working on your car you need a certain level of expertise to be able to do this sucessfully. As an individual or an IT support department you probably have other calls on your time and will find that using our services is more effective. We conduct data erasure every single day and know the best ways to deal with a multitude of different IT technology devices. We can also erase modern SSD (Solid State disc) devices which cannot be wiped using standard technology.

Answer 8:

We are very happy to quote to help you with any other IT related issues as we have over 30 years experience of IT support.

Answer 9:

Our charges are based on where you are and what equipment you require us to erase. Please contact us for a no obligation quote.